Thursday, 10 November 2016

How the outside World sees Obama to Trump transition?

By Muhammad Mohsin Shahzad Kahloon  Nov.10, 2016
"The most recent in this arrangement of assumed great folks is Obama, a proud black man, however, nearer to what Malcolm X alluded to as a 'house nigger'. Obama did not stop the war machine and did not shut down Guantanamo. Drone attacks amid Obama's reign have gone up exponentially, however… he performs wonderfully; he cries when school shootings occur, he giggles at himself with an outrage interpreting sketch, he moves and raps to your pleasure, he appears to be cool and laid back, an extraordinary father, a fun fellow. 
To a huge number of Pakistanis however, Obama is only an inhumane killer. To Egyptians he is simply one more in a long line of US presidents who bolster a military fascism, providing it with cash and weapons. To individuals in Yemen (the poorest Arab nation), he is the man who has provided Saudi Arabia (apparently the most rightist nation on Earth) with more than $100 billion in weapons with which they have demolished Yemen. To a large number of individuals in countries like Afghanistan, Colombia, Libya, Iraq, Syria and many others around the globe, he is a bomb that happens to have a grin painted on it. 
Expose the bigotry, uncover the pomposity, reveal the falsehoods and the brutalities. 
Confront yourselves, see yourselves, and afterward perhaps, perhaps, things will change… "
And that is why we don't see any difference if it's Trump, Obama, Hillary or anyone else for that matter. They all represent Imperialistic America.
The writer is the business development manager at FRAG Games, founder of Construckflux and a third world technologist. You can follow him on Twitter – or email him straightforwardly on the off chance that you might want to keep things somewhat more 'private'. Cheers!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Why Trump might actually be better for the World as compared to Hillary | A Hopeful Pakistani's Perspective

By  Muhammad Mohsin Shahzad Kahloon                             Nov.9, 2016

As a Pakistani and citizen of the world, considering the result of the US Presidential Election, I have to say that as much as I admire Hillary as a powerful woman and absolutely despise Trump's Rhetoric but she is responsible for killings of millions of innocent people from countries such as Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq and many others as well as many American young men and women who were forced to fight on foreign soil and impose imperialism on innocent people for her benefits and policies.
Trump might actually be better for Pakistan and the World than Hillary. I mean just look at her terrible track record which includes and not limited to Benghazi, Email Scandal, getting millions from foreign dictators for the Clinton Foundation as well as getting millions of dollars from Bankers for speeches and in donations. She has been a Wall street puppet overlooking the collective benefit of the American public in order to help her rich wall street buddies get more rich.
She has not been loyal to the American Public and that is evident over her compromising her own nation's security and integrity by deleting emails having secured information. She has failed the world by ordering the killing of millions of innocent people around the world during her years as a senator and as secretary of State. She gets donations from dictators from across the world for her foundation and preaches democracy. She's the worst kind of hypocrite.
She is no better than a petty criminal, in fact, she's worse and should be charged and sent to jail. Serves the Democrats right for choosing her at the expense of a gem of a candidate such as #BernieSanders.
Coming to Trump, He has been spewing venom against minorities especially Hispanics and Muslims but consider his victory speech and he talks about bringing all Americans together. During his speech he has said that he wants to be friends with whoever want to be a friend of USA. He has toned down his approach and it looks more presidential. I can't help but think that maybe the rhetoric we heard during his campaign was just political jargon in order to win. I mean just look at what he said in his victory speech and I quote:
"Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division, have to get together. To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people."
"It is time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans, and this is so important to me."
"It is a movement comprised of Americans from all races, religions, backgrounds, and beliefs, who want and expect our government to serve the people, and serve the people it will."
"All people and all other nations. We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict."
These quotes make me feel positive about Trump as well as the world and maybe he's not as dumb and idiotic as everyone thinks he is.
Maybe, his inward policy of protectionism for the USA will end American imperialism across the world thus creating a favorable image of USA once again in minds of the people from across the world. It might have positive effects after all as if American intervention reduces across the world, the world might be a better and more peaceful place.
I know it sounds too good to be true but may be, just may be it is Trump who will turn out to be the person the world needs to bring peace.
A hopeful citizen of the World.
The writer is the business development manager at FRAG Games, founder of Construckflux and a third world technologist. You can follow him on Twitter – or email him straightforwardly on the off chance that you might want to keep things somewhat more 'private'. Cheers!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Saudi Arabia's attack on Yemen and State of Anarchy in the Muslim World

Saudi Arabia's attack on Yemen and State of Anarchy in the Muslim World

By Muhammad Mohsin Shahzad Kahloon Monday, 30 March 2015 (GMT+5)

Who knew Saudi Arabia had such a strong Air Force. Certainly not the people in Gaza who were slaughtered in the thousands just last summer and Saudi Arabia did not even lift one finger to help them. Well Never mind not sending her War Planes, Saudi Arabia did not even send a bullet for the resistance in Gaza so Palestinians may continue their fight for freedom. Saudi Royalty did not even give a Riyal to the starving people in Gaza. These treacherous snakes, you think that they are Muslim when in their Casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada and San Marino, bordellos in London, United Kingdom and during their wine drinking and belly dancing parties? Those who are being slaughtered in Gaza Strip, Kashmir, Chechnya, Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere in the world, those are Muslims. And Saudi Arabia did not lift one finger to help them or even raise her voice against the brutality against Muslims in these regions. These sick Hypocrites who run the dictatorship, oh no let me rephrase that their family business that they call a country by the name of Saudi Arabia to loot and plunder and use for their own leisure have nothing to do with true Islamic revival and Muslim brotherhood.

Saudi Arabia has become the world's biggest arms importer in the world and most of the arms were imported from US. 

Can't we see where these weapons are being used. Are we that blind. Is Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that blind. Actually it isn't because its headquarters are in Jeddah City Saudi Arabia so no wonder OIC is no more than "oh I see". Its common public knowledge now that Saudi Arabia has an external debt of 134,000,000,000 and International Monetary Fund(IMF) report given here clearly states that the country could post a deficit as early as 2015, nearly three years earlier than previous estimates which is clearly shown in this article "Dictators in Debt: Saudi Arabia’s Pending Deficit"  as well. 

But yeah that;s normal as almost all countries have an external debt right. Just see right here. 

The difference here is that only 1/3 of the foreign debt was invested in the country while 2/3 went to the unjust luxurious lives and personal benefits of Saudi Royalty. This is how they make their money as described in Wikileaks

These family is a family of thieves and robbers who have openly robbed the general public of the region and now they have set their eyes on other Muslim Nations around them. They need to be stopped before they plunge the whole Muslim World into a state of total anarchy.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Crack The Case Punjab Youth Festival 2014 Winners (Muhammad Mohsin Shahzad Kahloon, Rubab Zahra, Maaz Sheikh, Rubab Ali, Gul Abbas)

Lahore School of Economics in Punjab Youth


Won by Team of Muhammad Mohsin Shahzad Kahloon, 

Rubab Zahra, Maaz Sheikh, Rubab Ali & Gul Abbas

Lahore School of Economics students participated in Punjab Youth Festival and excelled in many events. Lahore School team comprising of Rubab Asmat Zahra, Muaz Sheikh, Rubab Ali, Gul Abbas and Muhammad Mohsin Shahzad Kahloon took part in Crack the Case event and got first position where as second team from Lahore School (Hamza Shafiq, Sami Rashid, Zia Ullah Khan) stood second.